The New Classics

Some people play April Fools’ Day pranks. I prefer to offer gifts. And so it has come to this.

20 years ago, I started writing, recording and occasionally performing vulgar joke songs. This was done mostly for the amusement of my friends and self. And it showed. Oh, did it ever show.

The songs are objectively quite terrible. I’m a mediocre guitar player. I’m an awful singer. The lyrical content is abhorrently childish. And the quality of the recorded output made Guided by Voices sound like Rush.

Now, two decades later, these songs still lack many of the traits that most people would attribute to something resembling good music. But I thought they deserved a second chance. I pulled a dozen ditties out of the vault, re-recorded them on better equipment, mixed them to the best of my abilities and now offer them here for your listening pleasure. Please stream and enjoy The New Classics at your leisure.